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In Palia Hotels we have wanted to locate our hotels in the best destinations to accomplish with our aim, and it is to offer that our guests have their dreamed holidays by means of the best services and professionalism with which our hotel group is trained.

No matter which is the chosen hotel, we assure you enjoyment, leisure, relax and amusement!

Now only it is needed to decide what destination to choose, and to help you we show the information of every destination: Majorca, Benalmádena and Tenerife.





It forms part of the Balearic Islands and it is the major one of the islands. Surrounded with the Mediterranean Sea, where you can enjoy the infinity of paradisiac beaches that have nothing to envy to the Caribean.

It accomplishes with all the wishes and tastes of any person, since it has the leisure and amusement that it might find in Ibiza without leaving a side the peace and the relax that one finds in Minorca for not speaking about the wonderful Mediterranean gastronomy. So to unify and to enjoy a bit everything, Majorca is the perfect island.

Because of it, it is considered to be one of the most wellknown destinations of Europe, for families, for groups of friends or in couple. As soon as you get here, you will not want to go away!

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Placed in the Costa del Sol, you will be able to find you among beautiful places, excellent gastronomy and fantastic hospitality of Malaga’s people. .

It has a cultural heritage that it is a must as well as to walk along its nice interior villages and dazzling coasts.

Certainly might be said that there is a destination for every tourist! Prepared to get into the Andalusian atmosphere?

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Since it could not be otherwise, we are in also known as "the Island of the Eternal Spring". A suitable place to enjoy one of the best climate places of Spain and a place where so much to relax like to amuse yourself.

Crowned by the volcano Teide, it possesses picturesque villages and incredible landscapes and beaches.

If you coincide with some of it local holidays, one will feel as one more “tinerfeño” so their hospitality is marvellous. Just visit us to verify why more than 5 million persons choose Tenerife as one of their preferred destinations for their holidays. Be one of them!

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