1. The present request of hotel booking will not be effective up to the confirmation of the same one to issuing for the Hotel in a period of two working days counting from which you deal this request. In the same term you can cancel or request modifications of your booking.

2. Any request of modification of the hotel booking once confirmed will be subject to availability of the Hotel according to the rates that this one establishes.

3. Not presentation in the Hotel of the client with confirmed hotel booking, will give right to the Hotel not to accept new hotels bookings of the client in future occasions.

4. Hotel saves itself the right to accept last-minute changes in the identity or stay of the clients. 4a. Under no circumstance the Hotel Palia Dolce farniente it will be able to be reserved by clients nationalized in France. If you want to reserve it, please contact our partner Look Voyages.

5. The rate presented in the request of reservation(reserve) does not include possible additional taxes that could be loaded on the Hotel from the same one. It does not also include the price of additional services that the client wants to enjoy in the hotel not foreseen in this hotel booking.


6.a HOTEL BOOKINGS PAID BY CREDIT CARD. The client will pay 15 % of the total of the booking and the rest of 85 % at the arrival to the Hotel. If for some reason the client decides to cancel the booking, the 15% already paid will be considered as expenses of cancellation.

6.b HOTEL BOOKINGS PAID BY BANK TRANSFER . The client will pay 15 % of the total of the hotel booking in a period of 5 calendar days counting from the same one. The remaining 85 % of the price will be paid at the arrival to the Hotel. If for some reason the client decides to cancel booking, the 15 % already paid will be considered to be expenses of cancellation.

6c. BILL The hotel issued a receipt for the value of the reservation. Under your request the official invoice will be sent to your address a week later his departure .

7. . The following credit cards are accepted:  Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Carte Blanche, Carte Blanche, Access, Visa Electrón, 4B

The system of payment with credit card is a service offered by Banco de Sabadell, S.A., Pl. Sant Roc, 20 08201-Sabadell, registered in the Mercantile Record of Barcelona, sheet B-1561, NIF A08000143. Palia Group does not take responsibility of possible frauds originated in the system of virtual TPV.

8. Change of hotel: In the exceptional supposition of which the Hotel could not lodge one or any more clients with the confirmed booking, it will provide housing to them in an establishment of equal or higher category, preferably in the same zone, being at the expense of the Hotel any difference of price that could exist and in no case a compensation will be applied extra..

9. Insurances of civil responsibility and Claims of the Clients: The Hotel demonstrates to have an insurance policy of civil responsibility as damages caused to its clients in the normal fiscal year of its activity.

10. Major force: The agreed terms about the present contract will stay without effect in such cases of absolute necessity as: war, strikes, catastrophes, epidemics and analogous others that could concern to the native land of the client or of the Hotel.

11. Confidentiality: The Hotel promises to support the maximum confidentiality in the conditions and stay contracted by the client.

12. The Hotel has sheets of claim at the disposal of the client in case the same one wants to formulate some complaint in the service.

13. In case of possible judicial claims the Hotel and the client surrender to the jurisdiction of the place of the fulfillment of the contract, this is, the place of location of the Hotel.